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We are a team of highly experienced Industry Experts, Professionals and Practitioners who had developed a remarkable scheme that can help you to gain a valuable Level 4 diploma qualification that suits your career advancement. If you have at least 3 years of executive / supervisory experience, you should be able to complete the course in 3 months through the Recognition of Prior Learning. Our Certified Training Centres / Certified Assessors can be found across Malaysia and regionally. They will assess your eligibility for registration, advise you on the right course to pursue and guide you till successfully completion. 


Other working adults, minimum aged 21 or possessing 'A' Levels can also pursue a diploma through our blended learning mode which takes 8 months to complete.

We have 43 Diplomas that are all approved by the Skills Development Fund Corporation, a body within the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources.

With the Diploma, we shall assist you to enrol onto a recognised online blended bachelors degree Year 2 in a related field. Some may even be considered for entry into Masters degrees.


BENA is supported by a University Campus Management System that provides Online Blended Learning very effectively and efficiently from registration to graduation.

University Validation


Our Diplomas are all exclusively validated by the Genovasi University College, a degree awarding online distance learning institution which is registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education. The university provides the Quality Assurance, Academic Guidance and Degree Pathways.

Strict Quality Control is observed to ensure that the courses meet the highest possible standard providing the candidates with an excellent learning experience. We use Case studies, Role Play, Practical Coursework, Projects, Brain Storming and debate sessions that make our workshops both dynamic and fun. The candidates are prepared for assessment at Level 4 of the education framework that then allows them to complete a bachelors degree within 18 months or a masters degree in 15 months.

With enhanced qualifications, you can seek higher salaries, a promotion and get extra income doing a part-time job or becoming self employed.

You will certainly be a source of motivation to your family, friends and associates.


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