Our Expertise

We have played active roles in nation building through our training & education activities 

We are one of the foremost organisations to offer Recognition of Prior Learning  to boost our nation's workforce. 

We have trained more than 1200 Certified RPL Assessors and we worked with British Institutions on RPL work. In their Quality Audit on our RPL operations, they gave us excellent ratings.

We are pleased that our courses are validated by Genovasi University College.

This collaboratin shall see tens of thousands of well experienced candidates gaining their much coveted Diploma.

Our Prime Minister quoted in the locals news: "Innovate or Stagnate."

We have helped in the launching of various Innovative initiatives in our country including mooting case studies in academic assessment dating 1979, offering a British postgraduate degree in the Malay, Mandarin and Indonesian languages.

We were the first to moot the development of a private university within a Public University. Thus, the International University of Malaya - Wales was born a few years ago.

From 2011 - 2015, BENA was operating from the whole of the 19th Floor of the R&D Building of the University of Malaya, the Malaysia premier university providing an entrepreneurship programme aimed at getting undergraduate students from all Malaysian public universities to participate in practical entrepreneurship workshops facilitated by renowned Industry experts and business practitioners many of whom shared their Rags to Riches experiences.

It was during this very period, the government decided to place on all VCs in public institutions a 5% KPI on entrepreneurship.



For those who are occupation competent and suitably qualified, you need to attend a day's workshop conducted by RPL Experts. The fee is RM3,000


The topics include:

1. An insight into RPL

2. The Assessor

3. Reaching out to RPL Prospects, Everywhere

4. Professional Diploma in Management

5. Level 4 Professional Diploma

6. The RPL Process, From Registration  to Graduation

7. RPL Portfolio

8. Quality Control

9. Campus Management System

10. Financials

After you have successfully completed the training, you shall be competent to begin recruiting RPL candidates and guide them on the total training & assessment process. 

Centres that are keen to become a Certified Training Centre shall be validated on their suitability :        - adequate training facilities

- well qualified trainers

- administrative staff


The trainers and administrative staff must attend the Certified Assessor Training

Anyone who is keen to apply for a Certified Training Centre or a Certified Assessor can do so by contacting BENA

RPL Training Centre

1.  International Institute of Management, Australia /

     TAI Education Group, Australia

     Contact: Dr Kamal Karunadasa 

     +61 406 102 816

2.  TAI - IIM, Wyamba Province, Sri Lanka

     Contact: Priyangika Udayanganee Liyanage

     +94 71 443 2122

3.  TAI - IIM, Colombo, Sri Lanka

     Contact: Dr Fathima Fazeen

     +94 77 509 1999

4.  TAI - IIM, Mainpuri, India

     Contact: Asst Prof. Dr Bhikkhu

     +91 941 507 9647


5.  TAI - IIM, Dubai, UAE

     Contact: Ajith Talaiver

     +971 504829820

6. TAI - IIM, Gampaha, Sri Lanka

    Contact: Anuradha Pingama

    +94 777818745

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